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Government Of Assam Health & Family Welfare Assam State Blood Transfusion Council

What We Do

  • Present Activities of ASBTC as per M o A:

    1. Organizing donor recruitment, motivation and education programme to generate voluntary non-remunerated blood donors, thereby eliminating the reliance on professional blood donors.
    2. Ensuring appropriate use of blood by avoiding whole blood transfusions, usage of substitute products using components from whole blood, aphaeresis, autologous transfusion etc.
    3. Training of technicians, drug inspectors, donor motivators and medical officers in relation to all operations of the blood centers.
    4. Development of State level Nodal Centers and District level Nodal Centers equipped for collection, storage, component separation and distribution of blood and blood products.
    5. Linking of the Nodal Blood Centers to District Hospitals/Sub-District Hospitals/First Referral Hospitals.
    6. Development of Zonal Training Centers aimed at implementing the training programmes developed by the National Council.
    7. Maintaining of database on the donor profile and database on the rare blood groups.
    8. Implementing the programmes outlined by National Blood Transfusion Council in the areas of organizing Voluntary Blood Donation programmes, ensuring appropriate use of blood, providing infrastructure to Nodal Centers etc.
    9. Implementation of the national guidelines/standards developed by National Council for Blood Centers operations to be adopted by Nodal Centers.
    10. Implementation of the policies developed by National Council for levying service charges for blood and its components.
    11. To finance research and study proposals aimed at furthering the objectives of State Council.
    12. To issue appeals and make applications for money and funds and furtherance of the objects of the State Council and to accept for the aforesaid purpose, grifts, donations and subscriptions of cash and securities.
    13. Receive donations, contribution, grants and financial assistance from individuals and organizations desirous to assist the Council for propagation of its activities and programmes.
    14. To sell, lease, mortgage and exchange and otherwise transfer any of the properties movable or immovable of State Council with prior approval of its Governing Body.
    15. To purchase, construct maintain and alter any buildings or works necessary or convenient for the purpose of State Council.
    16. To undertake and accept the management of any endowment or trust fund having objects similar to the Objects of the State Council.
    17. To offer prizes and grant of scholarships, including travelling scholarships/fellowships in furtherance of the objectives of State Council.
    18. To create administrative, technical and ministerial and other posts under the society and to make appointments thereto on approval from the Governing Body of the State Council.
    19. To establish a provident fund and/or pension fund for the benefit of the State Council’s employees and their family members.
    20. To do all such other lawful things as are conductive or incidental to the attainment of the above objects.

    Our Divisions/ Field Offices:

    1. Blood Transfusion Services of Assam State AIDS Control Society
    2. Blood Cell, NHM
    3. Blood Storage Centres
    4. RBTC
    5. Hospital Transfusion Council of Blood Banks